How to Make a Stretchy Bracelet

How to Make a Stretchy Bracelet

Welcome, friend! 

So, you've purchased a Stretchy Bracelet Kit from us, or someone else, or created your own, and now you'd like to know how to put it all together. Unlike recipe posts, I'm not going to tell you a 3-page story about how I discovered this method in a midwife's diary from 1688 and made it my whole personality. Let's just dive in. 


  • Beads! Approx 9g of 4mm beads, or 3-4g of 3mm beads
  • Stretchy string - ~16" 
  • Beading needle - in this case, a piece of "tiger tail" or thin jewelry wire, folder in half
  • Letter beads (optional)
  • Other fun beads (also optional)
  • A binder clip - any size 
  • Measuring tape or ruler
  • Scissors
  • Glue - some form of super glue works, but Tacky Glue, white glue, or craft glue is better because it is flexible when dry. If you use super glue, Nurse Shiri would like you to please visit this page.   

If you purchased a Nightjar Bazaar Bracelet Kit, you have all the supplies above except a measuring tape, scissors, and glue. 

You'll also want some kind of surface to do your beading on. I recommend a kitchen/tea towel, a clean t-shirt, or a pillowcase. For extra protection against beads rolling everywhere, you can put your fabric of choice on a cookie sheet. 


  1. Measure your wrist to the nearest 1/2". Add an additional 1/2", then write this number down. (If you do not have a tape, use a piece of regular string and measure against a ruler/tape measure.) 
  2. If you are using letter beads, line them up in your chosen word order. Check your spelling! 
  3. Lay out any special beads in the order you want them to appear on the bracelet. 
  4. Pour the remaining beads in a pile. 
  5. Pre-stretch your string. This is important! The string is pretty strong, so give it a good stretch. 
  6. Fold the string in half, then thread your needle. For NJB kits, the needle is folded in half; simply hook the string in the fold. 
  7. Clip the loose ends together with the binder clip. This keeps your beads from falling off.
  8. Now you're ready to begin beading! A few tips and tricks: 
    • Start with the "fun" part of the bracelet first, then add the rest of the "filler" beads until you get to the correct length from step #1. 
    • If you begin with a bigger bead, this will make it easier to hide your knot at the end. 
    • If you're right handed, you'll want to add the letters in reverse order. 
    • If you're using 3mm beads, sometimes they need a little coaxing to lay properly. Simply hold your string on both ends and stretch it a little until the beads fall into place. 

When you have reached the correct bracelet length, check your spelling one final time. Trust me on this. 

To tie off your bracelet, follow the instructions starting at 3:00 in this video from BeadSpider on YouTube: 

Here you can see why we suggest you begin with a bigger bead! The knot slips right inside. We usually dab a bit of glue onto the knot before pulling it into the bead, just for extra insurance. 

And there you are!

We recommend removing your bracelet before bathing or swimming to extend the life of the elastic.

Wear your bracelet with pride! 

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