What is The Nightjar Bazaar? 

The Nightjar Bazaar is the result of Shiri and Tika's collective desire to make strange and beautiful art. The offerings can and will fluctuate as we flit from one art form to another, but it will always be created by hand. 

The Nightjar Bazaar currently donates 10% of profits to organizations that affirm the rights of all genders and races to exist. We support national organizations through our online sales, and local organizations through in-person sales.

We are open to commissions, suggestions, questions, and community. 

Who is responsible for this madness? 

That's an interesting question...

Imagine it is the year 2000. Y2K just happened and September 11 is still just a date on the calendar. Texting is not yet a "thing," but butterfly clips, tongue rings, and backless shirts are. The iPhone won't be released for another 4 years. University computer labs are full of vacuum-tube monitors, and Microsoft's Clippy is still (marginally) helpful for students who are just figuring out how to write papers on a computer instead of by hand. 

Tika is living in Ashland, OR, attending Southern Oregon University's theater program. She is dating - or thinks she is dating - one of her classmates. 

Shiri is living in Washington, D.C., attending George Washington University's religion program. She is dating - or thinks she is dating - her roommate's friend, who lives in... Ashland, OR. 

Spring had not yet sprung when Shiri flew in to visit her Boyfriend. Tika is excited to meet her Boyfriend's friend, who is flying in from D.C. 

At one point, Boyfriend left the two of them alone together, and - being collectively smarter than a box of hair (unlike Boyfriend) - they took a walk and Figured It Out. 

Recognizing their instant, mutual friendship, they decided that Ex-Boyfriend's best feature was his excellent taste in women, and ditched him to begin a lifelong friendship. 

Twenty-three years later, after living across the country since they met, they now live 15 minutes apart in beautiful Pennsylvania and spend their time writing, gardening, sipping cocktails, casting spells, and making art. 

Land Acknowledgement: 

We recognize that we live and work on the unceded land belonging to the Lenape, Osage, Shawnee, and Monongahela people.