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The Nightjar Bazaar

Book Cover Remix - Guardian (Zhen Hun) B: Shen Wei

Book Cover Remix - Guardian (Zhen Hun) B: Shen Wei

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The always poised, ever-collected Professor Shen Wei just wants to teach his classes and go about his life. At least, that’s what he tells people. When Officer Zhao Yunlan explodes into his life (literally), however, everything goes to hell (also literally) so fast it gives Shen Wei whiplash. Why? Well, IYKYK and if not, we’re not going to ruin the surprise.

Original: Sorry, this one’s not for sale

Prints: ink on archival fine art paper: 4”x6”, 5”x7”, 8”x10”

Printed on demand. Printing takes 1-2 business days, and shipping can be 5-7 days depending on your location.

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